Traditional manufacturing skills,
feel the history of metal processing

Tsubame City Industrial History Museum can feel the history and technology of the craftsmen ’s town
“Niigata Prefecture Tsubame” to experience!
At the experience laboratory, mini spoon making, metal craft experience is also possible!

  • Main building

    Main building

    The main building contains exhibits on the handcraftsmanship which has been passed down in Tsubame without interruption since the Edo period; the same handcraftsmanship which has ultimately made this tiny town near the Sea of Japan into a metalworking powerhouse known and trusted around the world.

  • New building

    New building

    The Annex contains exhibits on metal housewares and the Western style metal tableware produced in Tsubame which makes up more than 90% of all such tableware manufactured in Japan.
    Some 5,000 spoons from across the globe dating from BC eras to the modern day are on display in the adjoining World Spoon Hall.

  • Yatate

    Yatate Kiseru Hall

    Pipe-shaped, portable writing sets called “yatate” and Japanese smoking pipes known as “kiseru” dating from between the Edo and Meiji periods are on display in this hall.


Activity and Workshop Hall

Here visitors can experience traditional Tsubame crafts as well as modern production technologies.
All of the activities offered here are unlike anything you might find anywhere else in the world.



4330-1 Omagari Tsubame Niigata Japan 〒 959-1263
Admission (per person)
Adults / 400yen、Elementary school,junior high,high school students / 100yen、 Group (10 or more) Adults / 300yen、Elementary school,junior high,high school students / 80yen
Opening Hours
9am - 4:30 pm (last entry 30 mins before closing)
Closed day
Closed Mondays (or the following day when Monday is a national holiday)