World Spoons Hall- Toyonari Ito Collection

World Spoons Hall- Toyonari Ito Collection
Stepping into this exhibition hall, you will be surrounded by a totally unique and original collection of approximately 5000 spoons from around the world.
Antique and historically significant precious pieces, collected by Toyonari Ito.

  • Japan's western cutlery exhibition hall
    Japan's western cutlery exhibition hall

    Learn all about Tsubame city's western cutlery industry, starting all the way from Japan's westernization movement during the Meiji era.
    Tsubame has been the leader in production and history of spoons, forks and knives in Japan. Learn how this has been integrated into Japan's eating habits and food culture.

  • General exhibition hall
    General exhibition hall

    In the general exhibition hall is displayed the history of the metal industry in Tsubame since the Edo period. Take a walk through history, starting with simple Japanese nails and leading to refined western cutlery and house ware. The exhibition shows how new materials and new techniques have been integrated into the industry.

  • Activity Hall
    Activity Hall

    "How are spoons made?", "What are metals made up of?" Here you can learn the answers to the questions you think you know but don't.
    Try playing various different metallic instruments and compare their weights, or experience making spoons.